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Testing Industries

Testometric machines are being used in most countries worldwide and are established in almost every industry for routine tensile / compression testing and specialised research and development work.

Testometric testing machines are a combination of proven mechanical design and the latest highly integrated electronic control systems. In addition, Testometric can supply special machines including wide throat, extended stroke and horizontal configuration to customer’s specific requirements.

Testometric Company Ltd. is an ISO 9001 registered company and manufactures machines that meet or exceed the relevant specifications including International standards BS, BS EN, ASTM, ISO, DIN, NF and JIS.

Tensile Testing

Tensile testing is the most common form of test for almost any material. It is used throughout the industrial world to give rapid evaluation of materials and products. In many cases tensile testing is far more reliable than many other time consuming esoteric forms of testing. Testometric tensile testing systems give quick and highly reliable information with high levels of repeatability and accuracy. Systems and accessories are available to suit every industries tensile testing requirements.

Compression Testing

Compression testing is the preferred form of test for a number of industries especially for materials such as concrete, ceramics, insulation, foam, cartons and many finished components   Compression test values have the same level of importance as for tensile testing and Testometric systems attain the high level of accuracy and reliability required. A diverse range of compression testing machines and accessories is available to suit specific industries.  They give quick and easy evaluation of material performance for both production testing and research compression testing applications.

Flexural Testing (Bend Testing)

Flexural testing is predominately used in industries where materials are subject to some form of bending force. The construction industry is a typical example in that the most common test for structural steels, concrete beams, timber joists, GRC panels, ceramic tiles etc is flexural testing.

Flexural testing is also widely used to evaluate materials that can be difficult to test in tensile mode. This technique requires specialised fixtures and precision displacement measurement coupled with advanced flexural testing software. Testometric offer a comprehensive range of 3 and 4 point bend fixtures, displacement systems and dedicated software to suit all applicable materials.

Universal Strength Testing

Many Industries need to employ tensile testing, compression testing and flexural testing  or a combination of to fully evaluate their materials and products. In some cases through zero, cyclic or multi stage tests need to be configured, for these test methods a universal testing machine is required.  While many machines in the market claim to be universal strength testers, they do not meet the above criteria and  they are simply bi-directional testing machines. All Testometric machines are truly universal strength testing machines. They have the precision digital control systems and leading edge software that is required to be able to conduct these advanced universal testing procedures.