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Yarn Testing

Testometric provide dedicated test systems for evaluating the strength and performance of all types of yarn and sewing thread etc. They include specialised test fixtures and software that have been specifically developed to comply with the relevant international standards.

Typical test standards include:-

ASTM D 204, ASTM D 434, ASTM D 1578, ASTM D 2256,
ASTM D 2653, ASTM D 3106, ASTM D 2731, ASTM D 4034,
ASTM D 5344, ASTM D 6720

BS 1932-1, BS 1932-2, BS 4650, BS 4674, BS 6372

BS EN ISO 2062

DIN 53834-2, DIN 53835-2, DIN 53835-3, DIN 53835-4,
DIN 53842-1, DIN 53843-1

EN ISO 2062

ISO 2060, ISO 2062, ISO 3341, ISO 6939, ISO 9073-3


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