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Introducing The New X-Series Range

Redesigned from the ground up and drawing on over 50 years of experience in the field, Testometric’s new X-Series range of Universal Testing Machines offers key benefits in terms of speed, performance and ease of use. The new modular electronics system offers improved data rates via high-speed Ethernet connection and allows increased flexibility for the connection of accessories. The state of the art servo-motor drive system enables improved positional control across the range with class leading performance at low speed.
Available in single and twin-column versions, both bench-mounted and floor-standing and with capacities up to 1000kN.


Key Features and Benefits

  • New high speed modular electronic system with improved data acquisition rates (up to 1000Hz at the PC).
  • Improved positional control with the ability to measure crosshead displacement to a resolution of 0.00001mm.
  • Class leading low speed performance allowing slow speed tests down to 0.00001mm/min.
  • Precision linear guide rods on X500 machines for improved rigidity and precise alignment for high load testing.
  • Integral load cell cable routing in machine column on X350 and X500 models to eliminate snagging and prevent cable damage.
  • Machine electronics mounted on dampers to isolate them from shock and vibration.
  • Ethernet interface for reliable, high speed communication with the PC.

Available from June 2019, for more information please contact info@testometric.co.uk.

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